Sananda Ashtar Kumi

Sananda Ashtar Kumi is one of 7 core members among Ashtar’s 27 official channelers on Earth and the twin spirit of Ashtar. She is also an official channeler of Lord Sananda (Jesus).
As an Indigo child, Kumi experienced a walk-in at the age of 15.
One day, she was awakened to the world of spirituality upon discovering Brian L. Weiss’s “Many Lives, Many Masters” and experiencing hypnotherapy. Later, she miraculously met Elliott, a cat with the soul of El Morya, and mastered animal communication.
In the spring of 2014, Kumi was divinely guided to sign up for the Master Channeler course, and during the first few channeling practice sessions she was reunited with Ashtar.
That same year, just after the ascension of the grandmother who raised her, she was informed of her role in this life as an official channeler for Ashtar.
Her channeling work took off in April 2015 and saw her travelling around Japan and performing Starseed Activation work internationally. In 2016, she moved her activities from Aichi prefecture to Tokyo.
In May 2017, while meditating, she received a revelation from God as well as the healing energy “Universal Love Light Healing.”
Currently, she works to support universal ascension through healing work that utilizes the holy love energy of Ashtar and Jesus Christ, word transmission, and the “The Light of God” healing modality.



Now in this moment, I ask that you honor yourselves for this earthly existence and welcome the planet-wide changes that will result from the coming influx of universal regenerative energies.

I believe that you each understand the importance of sacred consciousness and intention if you are to exist in a realm of greater ease and clarity. What is desired now is for many of you humans to face yourselves sincerely, have trust, and act in accordance with the voice of your soul.
The universe is always ready to receive brave souls like you. The fate and evolution of this planet are tied to your focus and actions.
A new journey has begun, one in which you will be guided by the divine light to make a shift into your desired realm of being. Please take care of your Lightbody as it regenerates to meet the new energies, while also relaxing into a loving and nurturing relationship with yourself.
Always remember that Ascension does not just happen out of the blue, but rather is a result of the quality of the energy that you humans emit and your sustained efforts at polishing your souls.
No longer is it necessary to stick to old notions that base future results “on past experience.” Do not hesitate to move boldly beyond limiting beliefs into clarity. 
Help and care for one another, always tending to your heart center,the energy that springs forth from the fountain of love; honor and be honored.
In accordance with your divine agreement with God, your true intention, and the flow of pure love, service, and light, with appreciation for all that is, please feel with your whole body and soul that you are a being of light, one with God.
For this is the mission tasked to you by the universe and by you yourself.

Lord Ashtar

Lord Ashtar is a divine entity who plays an important role in service to the grand design of the Absolute, the One God.


Majestic lights,

It is I, Ashtar, Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation.
Our mission is to protect and support this beautiful planet Earth and all of humanity. In addition, as custodians over all the dimensions of the universe and the Milky Way, we bring love and light to all the beings in the entire universe and spread boundless truth and wisdom throughout the glory of space-time, learning alongside each of you in service to God.
Please feel the love in your hearts. Talk to me and hear the voices of me and my divine companions.
I am a being of love. I will be here beside you forever as, together, we create a new world in the here and now.
With boundless love, gratitude, and blessings,

Commander Ashtar

As Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation, Commander Ashtar joins together with God and all of the divine beings of light, summoning the whole of his power to support the earth and all living creatures in this time of transformation, so that the universe may be filled with peace and love.

As an ambassador of love and peace, he traverses the various planets of the distant Milky Way with Lord Sanat Kumara in search of those brave enough to join them in protecting the beautiful blue Planet Earth.
When a volunteer agrees to take on a physical body in order to be incarnated on Earth and do their work, Ashtar implants the Starseed in their heart, promising to watch over them until conditions on earth are right for them to be reunited with him.
And now, Ashtar provides the Starseed Activation to support the Starseeds that have incarnated on Earth in remembering who they truly are and undergoing a transformation, each in their own time and at their own pace. As all the while they continue to watch over Gaia and the Earth, the experience of being human allows their souls to mature and become polished in preparation for their eventual Ascension.


Translated by Megan H.